Who is Cardinal Entertainment?

Located in Orlando, FL. Cardinal Entertainment is a creative collective that specializes in Video Production, Music Production, DJ and Audio services. We seek to use our creative gifts to provide our clients with top quality services and an authentic connection between life and art. Each team member has a wide variety of experience in their specialized field and have been selected, not only for the excellence in their work, but also for their heart to help clients see their vision come to life through our services. Our company makes people a priority and we work toward creating exceptional experiences for the client from start to finish. We love what we do but most importantly we love who we get to do it for.

Why “Cardinal”?

The word Cardinal by definition means “of the greatest importance; fundamental.” As a company, we believe that Cardinal is significant because we seek to create a standard and basic fundamental rule of operating in excellence in every aspect of what we do. We strive to be the example, and establish a blueprint for how to use the gifts you’ve been given to make an impact and create a lasting legacy.


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